Gillaman | Houston, TX

Gillaman started his music career at the age of 13 as a DJ in Austin, TX.  What started off as battle scratching grew into weekend gigs at local venues.  Born Gilbert Macias, Gillaman started off as a music producer creating beats for labels such as Dope House Records, B.A.M.N. Entertainment and South Ocean Records.  He soon discovered that his musical talent reached further than beat production and began rapping and songwriting. His style was unrivaled which left audiences in awe.  He was so versatile that it was easy for him to collaborate with a wide range of artists.

He helped establish a local group that went by the name of Drunken Flow, and soon was being noticed by the local media from his performances at local clubs and car shows across Texas. Now with Hoodfella Entertainment Gillaman pours his life onto his works via mixtapes and albums.  Rapping about his life struggles with the street, family, and drugs has been tough but he feels that his lyrics can help others with similar obstacles.  He started his own production company ‘Gillaman Beats’ with the help of Hoodfella CEO and now that he is signed to the label he is hungry to see what his future holds. Be on the look out for more music from this rising star.

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