Gauge | Rene Valdez | H-Town, TX | Melodic Hip Hop & Gangsta Rap

Known as Gauge on the rap-scene, Rene is a unique individual whose style models no one.  Born in Houston, he was raised in Durango, Mexico until he was eight.  He spent his adolescence in southeast Houston where he nurtured his musical talent.  Using his experiences from the neighborhood as his platform, with street credentials, he became an artist under Lok-N-Load Records and formed the group Tre-5 with longtime friend Tweet (aka Ricardo Hale).  The group never had the opportunity to release their self-entitled debut album due to the label’s collapse.  Soon after, Rene worked with Fat Texas Records and released the underground album “Texas Boyz”.  Fat Texas Records later collapsed as well, leaving Gauge to make underground mix-tapes such as Tweet and Gauge Present- “Feel This!”

Rene later was indicted on an assault charge in which his co-defendant blamed him for everything. Betrayed by his friend and incarcerated, Gauge was forced to re-evaluate his situation and focused on what truly made him happy. He got focused and found an outlet for his lyrics.  Still tied to the street he wanted to tell his story and everyday experiences to those in similar situations.  From SPM’s Purity Tour with  Tre-5 to being incarcerated, Gauge’s career has had its up and downs. Now signed with Hoodfella Ent. his drive is stronger than ever, and like a shotgun blast, he can be felt through his music. Gauge loves to vibe with the beat and keep the streets hungry for more.  With heartfelt rhymes and melodic hooks his message of hope for the hopeless, and flipping the script on haters is sure to keep his fan base growing.

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