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HOODFELLA’s story is that of Three “H”s: Hood, Houston, and Hustle. With its origins in SE Houston, it was the hood that brought the first of them together.

Growing up to the distinct sound of Houston they fell in love with the legendary S.U.C. and Swisha House. Loose groups of artist such as Lil Keke, Fat Pat, and ESG out of south side’s S.U.C and Slim Thug, Paul Wall and Chamillionaire from the north side’s Swisha House, paved the way and captivated their minds. These artists were mainly underground but capture the love of their respected hoods, sides, and city. 

Hoodfella’s original members saw those artists tell their stories and were inspired to do the same. So began their mission to give the listener music from their Hood in the purest and rawest form. What started with a dream, a beat, some stories, and a karaoke machine has now become the Hoodfella signature sound.

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Hoodfella Entertainment Rapper, Producer, Sound Engineer, & Local Legend


Short description of the artist goes here. Just a quick intro. Keep it limited to just about two to three sentences.


Short description of the artist goes here. Just a quick intro. Keep it limited to just about two to three sentences.

More About

Hoodfella today is actually the label which started in 1999 but officially trademarked its name in 2005 with the US Patent and Trademark Office. In 2008 they branched to a second city (Austin, Texas) and the journey continues to unfold.

The Hoodfella camp is ever changing; what started with Mister MIC, Shadow (RIP), That Boy Sam, and Big Sal eventually included Rebel, Sen, Gauge, Villain, Smokey, Ness, Tweet Tha Deacon, Gillaman, Tank, and Pimp Money.  As it stands now only Gauge, Gillaman, Mike, Rebel and the newest recruit Baby Blue remain.  Some left for business opportunities, others to serve time, some had unsettled differences, but in any case, there are no hard feelings.  After all, Hoodfella Entertainment was created to help the Hood and give each artist a chance to tell their tale.

Our goal is still the same – to give neighborhood Stars the opportunity to showcase their talent and musical ambition to a larger audience. The only difference now is we are all grown up, and our methods are a bit more refined.  May our Music gain your Support, may our words gain your respect; keep your ears to the street and let Real Recognize Real.

To the Hoodfella Fam. Thanks for the Love and Support!  To the Haterz Thanks for all the Free Publicity Out Your Mouth!

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